Lakeland Networks has upgraded many of our wireless towers to bring faster high-speed internet with unlimited usage to more homes and businesses in Muskoka.

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New & Improved Features

Bringing a better wireless internet experience to more customers in Muskoka


Fast, reliable, quality internet for better streaming, gaming and video conferences.


Never worry about data caps again. Unlock unlimited usage and peace of mind.


Made-in-Muskoka services to keep our neighbours and communities connected.

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Now available in parts of Muskoka

You may be eligible for new and improved wireless internet!

We've recently made upgrades to towers in Port Sydney, Glen Orchard, Port Carling, Doe Lake, Point Ideal, Sopher’s Landing, and St. Elmo, and we’re upgrading others all the time! Contact us today to learn if you qualify for faster, better internet.

Outside of our current upgraded service area? Get in touch to learn about other services and stay informed of new developments. Or visit Lakeland Networks' main page to check out all of our services, including fibre internet.

Plans start as low as $79/month for our Rural 8 quality service. Enjoy our Rural 50 service with speeds of up to 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload. Contact our sales team to learn what service is available in your area.


*Please note that all monthly rates and service plans are subject to availability and a service agreement. Additional charges and fees may apply.

Our Promise

A fast, reliable internet connection has never been more important.

Whether it’s safely staying connected with family, closing an important business deal or entertaining yourself to stay positive in this new normal, Lakeland Network’s upgraded wireless service provides you the fastest connections available and unlimited usage.

Get in touch today to enhance your home and business internet experience.


Enjoy faster, better wireless internet

Get in touch with our local sales team to see if you're eligible.


We've got A's for your Q's

Do I have to commit to a contract?

Yes, a term of 1 or 2 years is available, with month-to-month once the contract expires.

Will I need to be home for installation?

Our technicians require indoor access as well as approval for where our equipment can be mounted and possible holes that may be drilled. For this, we do require that someone above the age of 18 at the home, who is in contact with the home owner, so that any work being done can be approved while our technician is on site.

I am a tenant on a property. What do I need to do to request service?

If you are renting a property and would like service, we will need approval from the home owner confirming that they are aware our equipment may need to be mounted on the building, and holes may be drilled while we are installing equipment.

I have just purchased a home and the previous owner used your wireless service. Can I switch it into my name?

In order to move the service to the new owner we require that the previous owner cancel their service with us. Once the original service is cancelled and a new contract is signed, we can add an account in your name. When the service is running under the new account, please notify us so that we can authorize the router that is connected to our network. If you require a managed router from us, please contact your sales person so that we can arrange a time that you can pick one up.

What router should I use? Are some better with your service than others?

Any modern router will work with our system. We do however offer a basic managed residential router to rent or purchase (with a monthly management fee). Our managed router gives us the ability to support our customers with their internal Wi-Fi network troubleshooting. Our system can work with most existing internal networks that have already been setup.

Can your managed router’s Wi-Fi fully cover our house?

There are many aspects that can affect the coverage and performance of the Wi-Fi within your environment. If you do end up having issues getting full coverage of the Wi-Fi we do offer wireless extenders that you can rent to improve coverage through out the building. 

Can I stream movies with this service?

Yes, you are able to use most streaming services with Lakeland Networks services. The amount of streams you are able to play will depend on the quality of the media you are streaming as well as what else is using the internet.

Can I do video calls with this service?

Yes, you can do video calls. 

How many devices can use the internet at the same time?

This will vary depending on what each device is doing on the internet.

Does Lakeland offer seasonal suspensions?

Yes, we are able to suspend your service for a season for a base monthly fee.

Could your internet use a boost? Contact our sales team to see if Lakeland Networks' new and improved wireless service is available in your area.